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Remembering David Richard Murray

C-TAC’s friend and partner, David Murray, Executive Director of the Advance Care Planning Coalition of Virginia, unexpectedly passed away this September. In the wake of this loss, we asked his friends and colleagues to share their reflections about him.

“David was one of the first people I met when I joined Honoring Choices. His depth of caring for his community, particularly older adults, and his creativity in bringing advance care planning to the forefront made it possible for thousands to know about the importance of these conversations. I admired his ability to bring together such a strong coalition for his community, and appreciated his leadership at the state level in advancing public policy and building networks. He will truly be missed.” – Robin Cummings, Director, Honoring Choices Virginia

“I have only known David for about five years, but in this time, working together to advance the cause of Advance Care Planning in our community, I came to know a man of passion and a man of commitment.  David truly cared about his community, especially about the senior community, and made significant contributions to building services that meant so much to our seniors and their families.  Helping them to memorialize their end of life wishes in Advance Care Plans was just one of many programs David championed.  There will be many, when their time on this earth is nearing the end, will benefit from the groundbreaking work David did as the Executive Director for the Advance Care Planning Coalition of Virginia.” – David A. Cochran, Director, Sentera Center for Healthcare Ethics

“One day, David pitched me an idea. ‘I bet we could get a phone carrier to invest in advance care planning.’ Really? I was skeptical. ‘Yeah, yeah think about it.’ He paused for the punch line. ‘Their business is ensuring clear, meaningful conversations – right?’ I had to admit he was right. It was a good – and creative – idea. One of many David was always generating. Unfortunately, it turned out that this was one of my last conversations with David. Though I only knew him a few years I came to recognize him as a creative and doggedly determined advocate. He was a tireless voice to ensure that everyone had their “say” at the end of life. ‘We’re going to make it happen,’  I remember David saying as we parted. I believe we will.” – Jon Broyles, Executive Director, C-TAC

Please join us in remembering a man who dedicated his life to organizing his community to support those with advanced and serious illness. He will be missed and his work carried on.

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