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Driving Miss Norma Family Joins C-TAC as Inaugural Caregiver Fellows

Tim Bauerschmidt and Ramie Liddle, authors of Driving Miss Norma: An Inspirational Story About What Really Matters at the End of Life, will serve as our inaugural Caregiver Fellows. Family caregivers are a crucial component of supporting people living with advanced illness but, as research released by C-TAC last year shows, they remain under resourced, isolated, and frustrated. This fellowship is designed to raise awareness of their concerns as well as provide solutions to some of the most important issues caregivers face.

After losing his father and learning of his mother’s cancer diagnosis, Tim and his wife Ramie traveled the country with Norma, helping her live the way she wanted to when it mattered most. Accompanied by their Standard Poodle, Ringo, the family set out on an inspiring adventure. Miss Norma’s story was chronicled in a book after she died in 2016, allowing her to continue to inspire others facing such difficult decisions.  

As C-TAC fellows, Tim and Ramie will continue to advocate for family caregivers by raising awareness of their issues, creating a positive image of caregiving, and connecting resources to households that need it.

Tim and Ramie joined C-TAC at our 2017 National Summit on Advanced Illness Care and shared their inspirational story. You can watch their remarks here.

The paperback edition of Driving Miss Norma is now available. Look out for updates from Tim and Ramie throughout the year.

You can learn more about C-TAC’s family caregiver work here.

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