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Member Spotlight: Curadux

Curadux is the result of a life-threatening illness that founder David L. Brown, MD, underwent at age 62. Lacking decision-making capacity while suffering multi-organ failure from the Epstein Barr virus, he spent the better part of a month unconscious in an intensive care unit in 2012, leaving decisions to his wife and family. After recovering at an unusually rapid rate, David began exploring what he’d learned and what to do with his second chance at life. This pursuit led him to a vision for “Curadux”, the Latin for the word “care guide”.

Curadux believes that powerful and silent incentives are often the driving forces behind many healthcare decisions made during hospitalization, rather than being guided by the unique values and goals of individual patients, leading to overtreatment or under-treatment of conditions.

Value-based care has been proposed by policymakers as a “fix” for this problem. By capping payments to providers based on average costs for certain conditions across a patient group, legislators hope to remove incentives for volume-based interventions. Unfortunately, this model risks restricting access to healthcare services that are genuinely needed, contributing to undertreatment. Short of a complete overhaul of the healthcare system, patients and their families must become intimately involved in the healthcare decision-making process. This means assessing, exploring, and then sharing the specifics of every individual’s values and goals for life. Once the exclusive purview of physicians, patients are now often referred to care counselors or social workers due to physicians’ clinical pressures, with the expertise of many veteran physicians remaining underutilized.

Curadux helps individuals with advanced illness live well by aligning their personal values and goals for life with available care options. Distinct from general medical practice, Curadux offers the practice of “decision-guidance” along with the “creation of a personal health story” to ensure the individual’s own goals guide care. Curadux Care Guides are senior and experienced physicians dedicated to supporting the decision-making of individuals and families facing advanced illness. Curadux physician care guides “join their physician brain with their patient heart”, and operate independently of payers and providers; thus, their interests remain exclusively aligned with people living with advanced illness, while simultaneously alleviating pressure on primary care physicians.

Learn more about Curadux here.

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