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Member Spotlight: Bluestone Physician Services

Founded in 2006 by Dr. Todd Stivland, a physician with over 20 years of experience in family practice, Bluestone Physician Services is a national specialist in delivering on-site primary care in assisted living and memory care communities, serving over 10,000 patients throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Florida. Bluestone’s staff of physicians, Nurse Practitioners, care coordinators and physician assistants provide on-site customized medical care for complex, frail, and special-needs patients who have difficulty in traditional clinic care settings.  This team approach, with regular visits, proactive care and a 24/7 communication site has been shown to reduce the need for emergency room visits, hospitalizations and to improve overall health.

Bluestone believes that comprehensive care coordination and transition management is the key to positive care outcomes, especially given the older, higher-risk population they serve. Rather than pursuing diagnostic and often reactive care strategies, Bluestone employs the Chronic Care Model (CCM), an organizational approach which prioritizes proactively managing health status holistically over addressing acute or transitory symptom flare-ups.

Physician access and communication among staff and family are at the core of Bluestone’s personalized care plans and on-site support resources. This supportive and coordinated care requires an innovative way to keep the entire care team connected and prepared. Bluestone developed the Bluestone Bridge™ online communication portal, described as a HIPAA-compliant messaging site where nursing staff, other care partners like physical and occupational therapists and the patient’s family members can communicate with Bluestone providers 24/7.  With an average 30-minute response time, the Bridge encourages shared-decision making by connecting the person and their loved ones with the care team, allowing for prompt response for refill and referral requests and medical updates for family members.

Because chronically-ill residential patients are often frail and medically complex, traditional clinics typically struggle to meet both their medical and personal needs. Bluestone’s services bridge this gap while preserving the independence and dignity of each person through a combination of regular medical check-ins, holistic care, technology, and proactive advance care planning.

Find more information about Bluestone Physician Services here.

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