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Member Spotlight: Hospice of Cincinnati

The Hospice of Cincinnati (HOC) is a non-profit hospice dedicated to creating the best possible and most meaningful end-of-life experience for those under their care. As the fourth oldest hospice in the nation, HOC is an industry-recognized leader in providing personalized, compassionate, and patient-centered end-of-life care, offering services that range from symptom management to spiritual support for patients and their families.

HOC emphasizes the power of education and information in all its work, seeking to help each patient understand that they have choices and the power to realize them. Through its Conversations of a Lifetime™ program, which draws upon the renowned Respecting Choices model, HOC has been able to train more than 700 advance care planning (ACP) facilitators and initiate and document more than 12,000 planning conversations through TriHealth Epic. By offering ACP conversation coaching to physicians using Vital Talk and producing an enhanced electronic medical record, Conversations of a Lifetime helps initiate and normalize end-of-life conversations.

As part of its patient-centered approach to care delivery, HOC will soon be introducing a new community-based palliative care service called PalliaCare Cincinnati, which will be managed by the same team that developed Conversations of a Lifetime. An extension of TriHealth inpatient palliative care, PalliaCare will offer short-term stabilization of acute physical symptoms, address psychosocial needs, and further support discussions regarding goals of care with patients and their families all in the home.

By also offering an after hours patient and family support line, PalliaCare will provide critical extra telephone support in instances of perceived crisis, potentially reducing unnecessary hospitalizations and treatments. This service will offer emotional support and guidance during stressful moments, allowing patients and their families the chance to review their personalized emergency care plans with a clinical professional and confidently select the best possible option for care.

Learn more about Hospice of Cincinnati here. Community members can find useful information at ConversationsofaLifetime.org and providers can download the mobile app, Conversations of a Lifetime, on both Google Play and iTunes.

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