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Member Spotlight: Honoring Choices® Massachusetts

Honoring Choices Massachusetts is a consumer focused, nonprofit organization which informs and empowers adults – 18 years and older – to make a personalized health care plan and connect to the best possible care that honors their values and choices throughout their lives.

Honoring Choices Massachusetts’ mission is twofold. First, to ensure easy access to health care planning information, Massachusetts planning documents, and discussion guides to help every adult create a personalized care plan that reflects their care goals and values. Second, to share their proven programs and tools with their partners – providers, community groups, and state organizations – so that they too can incorporate these resources into their services. This allows even more people to engage in meaningful planning discussions and find quality care that aligns with their goals, values, and choices. Over the last four years, Honoring Choices MA’s partners have helped more than 30,000 adults take control of their care by engaging in advance care planning conversations.

Honoring Choices MA’s educational platform is based on the systematic approach of the Respecting Choices® model, long considered the gold standard in advance care planning services. Honoring Choices MA’s signature Who’s Your Agent? Program® supports lifelong health care planning with two easy to use toolkits:

  • Getting Started Tool Kit: helps adults take the first steps in discussing their care goals with their family, their Care Agents, and their providers
  • Next Steps Tool Kit: builds on planning discussions, adding, and updating documents that define each person’s unique plan for their care

Additionally, the Honoring Choices MA discussion guides support both providers and consumers, making it easy for anyone involved in the care process to start these all-important conversations.

“The tool kits are helping adults exercise their right to make health care choices and create a plan” says Ellen M. DiPaola, Esq., President & CEO. “We are thrilled to be working with a talented community of care providers using the same language and tools to offer effective discussions for the best possible person-directed care, at every phase of health.”

Honoring Choices MA also works with hundreds of care providers across Massachusetts to design educational experiences that increase awareness and accessibility of advance care planning. On September 12th, Honoring Choices and Ariadne Labs will present a free live webinar offering interdisciplinary clinicians a structured approach to advance care planning, and a roadmap that outlines when, with whom, and how to have discussions. Dr. Rachelle Bernacki, MD, MS, the Associate Director of the Serious Illness Care Program at Ariadne Labs, will provide a review of the Serious Illness Conversation Guide, an evidence-based model for patient-clinician conversations about values, goals, and choices for patients with a serious illness.

Find more information about Honoring Choices Massachusetts here.

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