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Member Spotlight: Capital Caring

Founded in 1977, Capital Caring is a regional non-profit hospice group that has helped nearly 110,000 patients and families across Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and Washington, DC make the most of every moment by way of holistic, personalized care. Capital Caring also helps people navigate complicated care decisions, offers counseling for those whose family members are currently going through serious illness, and promotes early palliative care intervention.

In 2011, Capital Caring launched an innovative program called TeleCaring. The TeleCaring program consists of twice-daily proactive phone calls with patients and their caregivers as an extension of the integrated care already received. Since its launch, we’ve seen a steep drop in the number of families calling 911, and patients and their families have reported less stress and greater confidence. Capital Caring is currently piloting the use of video conferencing technology and is exploring options for bringing this new innovation to all of its patients, all with an eye toward our stated mission : “to simply improve care.”

Ann, one of Capital Caring’s patients, recently called us to share “what a blessing all the ladies are who call every day.” Though she is in her early-90s, Ann lives independently and manages well with some help from a relative who lives nearby. She has told Capital Caring on more than one occasion how much she appreciates the TeleCaring calls she receives every day and that they help her feel supported, even when her nurses and aides are not at her house.

But Capital Caring’s commitment to addressing what matters most to the moms and dads we serve goes further than the TeleCaring program.

Last December, Capital Caring was working with Karla, a young mother suffering from metastatic cancer. Karla was not a native English speaker and her family was facing serious financial challenges. When asked what could be done to make her holiday season more fulfilling, Karla replied that she only wanted her 3-year old daughter to have a winter coat. Her social worker took this to heart.

The Capital Caring volunteer network supplied Karla and her family with more than a dozen winter coats and other essentials. The community also donated support to help the family pay their bills and put food on the table for the holiday season. In this instance, what mattered most to Karla was less about her diagnosis than it was about her family.

Through programs like TeleCaring and an extensive volunteer network, Capital Caring continues to lead the way in bringing care delivered into greater alignment with patient needs, allowing people to lead fuller lives despite their diagnoses.

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