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C-TAC Develops Blueprint for Faith Community Engagement Around Advanced Illness


Friday, March 17, 2017 – The Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC) released a blueprint for how faith leaders can develop stronger partnerships with community stakeholders and change how we deliver care for people with advanced illness. The blueprint outlines information for developing sustainable partnerships between the faith community and healthcare stakeholders.

The release follows a recent community convening hosted by C-TAC’s Faith Community Person-Centered Workgroup in Washington, DC that brought together faith and community leaders to discuss ways to be stronger advocates for those with advanced illness. This meeting was hosted in Washington, DC and was the third in a series of meetings with faith leaders discussing advanced illness in the community.

“Coalition building is essential for impoverished communities to thrive and prosper,” said Rev. Dr. Kendrick E. Curry, Senior Pastor of The Pennsylvania Avenue Baptist Church in Southeast Washington where the faith meeting was held. “That is why I am grateful to C-TAC for convening meetings like this to create community networks which help to coordinate life-saving and life-transforming services that people in the community need.”

The blueprint emphasizes following core engagement principles with stakeholder and community members, building trust between partners, and developing new care models. The three core tenets of engagement outlined in the blueprint describe the process and the desired outcomes of a faith-based advanced illness care model. C-TAC developed this blueprint with input from stakeholder meetings, member workgroups, and community interactions.

People with advanced illness face a fragmented, disorganized healthcare system with significant gaps between the care they want and the care that they receive. This is particularly present in diverse and underserved communities. C-TAC recognizes that faith leaders are a critical partner in bridging these gaps within their own communities.

Community engagement is a critical step in C-TAC’s mission to transform advanced illness care across the continuum. It is also a means by which we expand the dialogue nationally to build knowledge, skills, and spiritual and cultural competencies to address the complex needs of the nation’s sickest and most vulnerable.

The blueprint can be found here along with a summary of the document.

For more information on C-TAC’s faith and community engagement, please contact Sheila Snoddy at ssnoddy@thectac.org.

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