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The Aspen Institute Releases Report Incorporating Recommendations From C-TAC

C-TAC received special mention in the Aspen Institute’s new report Improving Care at the End of Life. The Aspen Institute issued a call for ideas on ways to improve end-of-life care for patients in advance of their inaugural meeting of the Aspen Health Strategy Group (AHSG). C-TAC’s suggestions were incorporated into the “five big ideas” emphasized by the report. These actionable conclusions include:

  • Integrating the development of an advance care plan into the fabric of life
  • Redefining Medicare coverage so as to better meet the needs of people with serious illnesses
  • Developing a standardized qualitative metric to ensure and promote best treatment practices in the industry
  • Expanding the available pool of healthcare professionals who can meet the growing needs of an aging population
  • Supporting model communities as they embrace fundamental changes in design and delivery of advanced care.

The report will be shared with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the National Academy of Medicine, and the new Administration.

Click here to access the full report.

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