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They’re Holding a National Dinner Party & You’re Invited!

Let’s Have Dinner and Talk about Death and The Conversation Project are teaming up to inspire a series of uplifting and interactive dinners that will transform the seemingly difficult experience of talking about death into one that is instead shared, deep, and intimate.

The partnership is called Seven Days, Two Organizations, One Conversation, (SevenTwoOne). This New Year, during the week of Jan. 1 – 7, SevenTwoOne asks that patrons pick a date and join the national movement. Fill the table with comfort food, family, and friends and start talking about how one would want to live the last days of their lives. The idea is that if we know the end of life wishes of our loved ones, we’ll be able to honor them with dignity, respect, and deep compassion. Knowing is better than guessing. The tools and tips are provided to get the dinner party and conversation started.

Visit theconversationproject.org or deathoverdinner.org, choose the guests, the menu and let the wine and conversation flow.

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