C-TAC works to improve advanced illness care in a fragmented system of care that is often uncoordinated and confusing.

Get the facts about advanced illness care

Many assume that when faced with advanced illness they will be able to…

Be at home, with family and friends

See the Reality

Just 15% of patients who need home-based primary care actually receive it 

Manage their pain

See the Reality

76.2 million Americans, one in every four, have pain lasting longer than 24 hours. Millions more suffer from acute pain

Address their spiritual wants and needs

See the Reality

Research shows most patients have spiritual needs and feel physicians should inquire about them, yet less than 1% report that their doctors did so

Avoid financially burdening their loved ones

See the Reality

Medical care is often much more expensive than expected and becomes a burden to families left behind

Key Initiatives

C-TAC advances our mission through these key initiatives.

Policy &

We continue to pursue legislative and regulatory strategies on both the federal and state level to support a robust advocacy effort, and ensure that those living with advanced illness have access to high-quality, person-centered care. 

Family Caregiver Support

Consumer data on family caregivers paints a bleak picture. By surveying the work being done to support family caregivers and speaking with experts in the field, we will develop tools to support families care for those with advanced illness.

State and Community Organizing

Transformation of advanced care happens on the ground with people working with their clinicians, local health providers, and community institutions. We support state coalitions and provide them with a framework for how to organize.

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C-TAC represents more than 140 national and regional organizations dedicated to ensuring that Americans with advanced illness receive care consistent with their values and that honors their dignity. Are you with us?

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