Below you will find research conducted by C-TAC and our partners to inform advocates working in advanced illness care.

Cigna Caregiver Research 

- June 2017 -

In June 2017, C-TAC released consumer data on family caregivers that paints a bleak picture of the state of caregiving in America. We will be developing tools that will provide meaningful impact for loved ones caring for people with advanced illness. Our goal is for family caregivers to be assured of the importance of their work and know that resources are available to them.


Institute of Medicine 

- September 2014 -

The report by the Institute of Medicine, Dying in America: Improving Quality and Honoring Individual Preferences Near the End of Life, marks a critical milestone in the evolution of how we care for the sickest and most vulnerable people in this country.

C-TAC Consumer Perceptions Paper

February 2014 -

Go in-depth with C-TAC to better understand one of the biggest barriers we face. Public Perceptions of Advanced Illness Care: How Can We Talk When There’s No Shared Language explores the communications gap between patients and family members and the healthcare providers they rely on when they are sickest and most vulnerable.


Implementing Decision Making Resources for Serious Illness

- 2014 -

Go in-depth with C-TAC and Advisory Board to better understand resources available to increase shared decision making. Implementing Decision Making Resources for Serious Illness explores best practices for incorporating end-of-life decision aids into health care provider settings.

Employer Checklist

- 2013 -

The Checklist for Employers puts forward four categories of action items your organization can use to assist employee caregivers.

Key Statistics 

- December 2012 -

Get the latest statistics and key facts about advanced illness care in the United States.