Thank you for joining us at the 2017 National Summit on Advanced Illness Care

November 27 - 29, 2017

Washington, DC

C-TAC works to improve advance illness care in a fragmented system of care that is often uncoordinated and confusing.

Get the facts about advanced illness care

Many assume that when faced with advanced illness they will be able to…

Be at home, with family and friends

See the Reality

In reality, medical care often ends up with patients being recycled through the hospital system.

Manage their pain

See the Reality

Instead they receive unwanted, ineffective treatments that do little to relieve pain.

Address their spiritual wants and needs

See the Reality

Rather than having their wishes addressed, they die in the hospital – isolated and in pain.

Avoid financially burdening their loved ones

See the Reality

Medical care is often much more than expected and becomes a burden to families left behind.

Key Initiatives

C-TAC advances our mission through these key initiatives.

Policy &

Helping guide federal and state initiatives including delivery system reform, preference-driven care, caregiver and consumer support, and professional engagement.


Community Action Project

Our alliance of faith organizations, health systems and others is piloting community-based models to connect services with care to improve outcomes, reduce caregiver burdens and reinforce support.

Advanced Care Project (ACP)

The Advanced Care Project, a joint C-TAC/AHIP Foundation initiative, is exploring models of care to produce an effective advanced care model that improves quality, supports choice and increases affordability of care.

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C-TAC represents more than 140 national and regional organizations dedicated to ensuring that Americans with advanced illness receive care consistent with their values and that honors their dignity. Are you with us?

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